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2014 - NEW CHAR PHOTO resizedCharlene SanJenko is a vibrant entrepreneur who embodies lifestyle with leadership.  Working with and bringing together strong women, Charlene thrives on creating space that allows each person to grow even stronger, together.

SanJenko delivers the message of PowHERful Living Explored to her online community as well as at live events and destination retreats. Her company, PowHERhouse, is a educational and economic driver for women with a social mission.  “We believe the stronger we feel in and of our bodies, the stronger we will be as positively powHERful leaders!”

As a former National Marketing Manager in the financial services industry, Charlene believes in doing business differently and works with a collaborative team of High-Performance and High-Purpose Partners to create the space and solutions needed for women to be great through the Practice of PowHERful Living.

Charlene also operates VIBE Personal Vibrancy Lifestyle Management, a boutique training studio which she owns with her husband and business partner, Ben Smith, in Gibsons Landing.  An accomplished natural physique competitor and coach, Charlene has helped transform the bodies and lives of hundreds of clients since her company began in 2000.  She now serves and supports her community further by sharing her skills and experience online, encouraging a fuller, stronger and more PowHERful lifestyle for an international audience.

Charlene is currently enrolled in the SFU Community Economic Development Certificate Program and Minerva’s Women Leading the Way leadership program.  She was recently named one of the finalists of the YWCA Women of Distinction Awards program for 2014. After working with hundreds of women over the past 15 years and interviewing 50+ high-impact women this past year alone, Charlene leverages this wealth of collective wisdom and action via her lifestyle + leadership motivational practice entitled PowHERful Living Explored – a 90-Day Transformation.

The stronger we are, the stronger we are is a fundamental value throughout Charlene’s community work, with her fitness and lifestyle clients and in her personal life.

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